Thamel Travel Guide

Thamel is a popular tourist area located centrally in Kathmandu. Around 2500 business are involved in Thamel for traveller varied activities : traditional or continental restaurants, mountaineering gear shops, backpackers guest houses, five stars hotels, travel/trekking agents, foreign money exchange, handicrafts shops, pashmina products, bakeries, pubs and much more.

Thamel was formed from the term Thabahil which means Vihar of upper area. In Newari language Tha meaning “upper area” and Bahil is a “kind of vihar”. With all its shops Thamel was a great place for souvenir shopping. Thamel districit is only a few steps from some tourist heritage spots like Durbar Square where it’s interesting to walk through the Assan Tole nepali market.