Budhanilkhanta Vishnu temple

Budhanilkantha Temple

Budhanilkantha the temple of Vishnu in Nepal.

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Budhanilkantha Temple also known as Narayanthan temple is situated at the base of Shivapuri Hill, on the northern side of Kathmandu. Budhanilkantha have no relation with Buddha, this word means “Old Blue Throat” and the statue symbolize Lord Vishnu, one of the most important god in Hinduism with Brahma and Shiva.

The 5 meter long sleeping deity of Lord Vishnu at Budhanilkantha was created in the 7th or 8th century from one piece of stone, he lying in a 13 meter tank. A smaller representation can be found at Bhaisdara Balaju Park. The King and the royal family never visited the site, and foreigner are not available to touch his feet. During Chaturmasya festival in October/November thousands of devotes come to Budhanilkantha celebrate the moment when Lord Vishnu wakes up from his sleep on the cosmic ocean.

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