Pashupatinath in Nepal


Pashupatinath Temple is the oldest and most important temple in Kathmandu for the followers of Hinduism.

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Pashupati area is in the banks of Bagmati river in Gaushala/Gaurighat, about 5 Km north-east of Kathmandu not far from the Tribhuvan Airport. The Pashupatinath Temple existence dates back to 400 A.D and it’s one of the most sacred temple of Shiva in the subcontinent, is listed in World Heritage Sites list by UNESCO.

Lord Shiva has 1008 name and forms. Pashupati, The Master of living beings, is one of them. Pashu means “living beings” and Pati “master”. No pilgrimage is complete without a visit to Pashupatinath Temple.

Visit Pashupati in Nepal

For foreigner the entrance fee in Pashupati is 1000 Rs approximately 8€ or $ 11. The temple covered a huge area and you can stay for hours enjoying the environment and watching funeral rituals. But only Hindus are allowed to enter inside the main temple of Pashupatinath where a Shiva’s Nandi bull can be seen from the rear. The sanctum contains a 1 meter Shiva lingam with four faces representing Lord Pashupati.

Temples and things to see in Pashupatinath

  • Shiva Temple, the temple of living beings. (Hindu only)
  • Pandra Shivalaya, 15 shirines built to enshrine the lingas.
  • Shiva Nandi, the vehicle of Shiva and biggest bull in Nepal. (Hindu only)
  • Dharmashila, a stone where holy oaths are taken.
  • Cremation Ghats, where families performs the cremation ceremony.
  • Bagmati River, who has highly sacred properties.
  • Gorakhnath and Vishwarup temples.
  • Kirateshwar Mahadeva Mandir.
  • Brahma Temple.
  • Surya Ghat.

Festivals in Pashupati

The biggest festival in Pashupati is Maha Shivaratri (the night of Shiva) which occurs in March as birth-night of Lord Shiva or the marriage anniversary of Shiva-Parvati for others devotees. For this celebration thousands of Sadhu come from all part of Nepal and India. Other great festival are : Teej fasting festival of women in September, Ekadasi the eleven lunar day, Poornima in full moon day and Grahana at eclipse.

Pashupatinath ticket main entranceSadhu in Pashupati, NepalCremation GhatShiva painting in PashupatinathNandi with Shiva lingam

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  1. Take the stairs up

    Rudy wrote on November 13, 2013
    Note: 5/6


    When visiting the Pasupatinath Temple, please do take the time to explore the “forgotten” temple premises following the stairs up on the right hand sight of the riverbank. Up you will find a large temple complex, with monkeys roaming around.

  2. 1000 Nepali rupees to watch…Cremation

    billob wrote on September 29, 2013
    Note: 3/6


    Pashupati is a very large Hindu temple and unless you are a Hindu, you would not be allowed to go into all the temples. For Americans/Europeans, there is a fee of Rs. 1’000 per person to wander around the premises… Watching cremations was a big experience, but smelling it made the experience terribly intense…